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Suphi is now clinging on for dear life, the horse doing most of the work herself, Suphi's light frame neither helping nor hindering, "Oh, turn, help," She squeaks and tries not to fall off, managing just about before smiling, "Wow, this is racing then. I need lessons," Bump, bump, bump, goes the short Tanelish

To explain the current situation:

Kendra doesn't ride her horses; she /trains/ them, yes, but she gets others to ride them, as she herself is a tall woman and muscular, thus, she's heavy. It's festival time on Firan, which means horse races, events and such, and thus she brought her string of horses to the racetrack and tracked down her main jockey, Polydonna, for one of the horses... but still had two without jockeys. And Suphi was hanging around, so Kendra cheerfully grabbed her and stuck her up on Buranche.

Much hilarity ensued, as Buranche is one of Kendra's better horses and thus took the bit and ran with it, with Suphi hanging on for dear life and Kendra laughing her butt off.